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 about heatmaps pc

In this section we will publish heatmaps for world of tanks pc maps gathered from replays uploaded to wotreplays. These heatmaps show wot maps tactics and strategy for different tank classes as well as the common wot maps positions to make high damage, earn more xp and spot enemy tanks.

Therefore they have the same bias as the database: people tend to upload only their very best wot games, aces or high damage, in a way that is clearly not representative of the average game.

How can you help making better heatmaps:

  • submit more games to wotreplays, including normal or lost games
  • join us on discord and share your remark or questions.
  • support us by visiting shop, it might lead to better tools or better understanding for everyone else.

Thanks a lot and enjoy the heatmaps! Browse wot maps below.

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2021-Mar random battles, tier VIII-X

what's new

We have updated all heatmaps taking the most recent 1000 battles for each spawn. Here is what changed:

  • added new Berlin, Pearl River maps
  • added new assisted damage heatmap for each spawn which clearly shows best spotting positions (tracking doesn't count)

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2019-Aug clan wars tier X, frontline tier VIII

what's new

New portion of heatmaps! This time we've added clan wars tier X only and frontline games. Some remarks:

  • we gathered clan wars replays from, including skirmish and global map battles
  • games were played on wot 1.0+ maps for over one year
  • there is still not enough samples as not many clans upload their replays

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2019-Jun random battles, tier VI-X

what's new

These are new up-to-date WoT PC heatmaps. Some explanations on how they were created and work:

  • we used only tier VI-X games to reduce noise from low tiers
  • team movements and class movements show the driving directions in general
  • only tanks that stay longer than 3s on the same spot become hot
  • damages heatmap shows where tanks deal a lot of damage and where they received it
  • tracer heatmap shows where damage originates from, and the direction of travel of the shots
  • we created an XP map to show which early route most contribute to the game; for that we show the first 3 minutes and weight each routes with the awarded XP

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