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battle assistant

Download Battle Assistant WoT 1.10.0 zip wotmod
New mod to check collision models, crew and modules and pen chances WoT 1.10.0 wotmod
New up-to-date WoT Heatmaps!

This is an official page of Battle Assistant mod. Here you can find the latest version of Battle Assistant.

Starting from WoT 9.18 the Battle Assistant should be activated once in every 10 days. Activation is completely free and allows to use the mod in the next 10 days. After that you need to activate the mod again.

Why it's made so? Well, the mod was created almost 3 years ago and since then I keep it up-to-date with latest WoT versions and it takes time. There are ads on this page and I hope the revenue from advertisement will cover my expenses to keep the mod up-to-date.

If you love the mod, I'll be glad if you use one of the purchase buttons below. Each of the buttons extends the activation period to 1, 3 and 6 months correspondingly. Thanks!

You need to restart the game after you activate the mod.


Extract zip contents into res_mods/<version> folder OR put wotmod into mods/<version> folder.


Please login with you WG account on the top-right corner of the screen to make an activation.

  • Battle Assistant Free free

    Activate Battle Assistant for 10 days.

  • Battle Assistant Package S 2.99 USD

    Activate Battle Assistant for 30 days

  • Battle Assistant Package M 4.99 USD

    Activate Battle Assistant for 90 days

  • Battle Assistant Package L 8.99 USD

    Activate Battle Assistant for 180 days