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Advertising alone wouldn't allow to run this website, but we still need your financial support if you can.

Support and unlock the website and the apps content.
You can choose from several prices and benefits at the page below:

link both accounts

To receive your benefits, you need to link your player account and your Patreon pledge. Just log in with your WGID first, and then connect your account with Patreon. You only need to do this once.

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Then you need to connect your Patreon pledge:

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your benefits

Your current tier is no subscription - make your pledge here

This pledge provides you:

  • no ads
  • access to all content on the website such heatmaps, but no Armor Inspector or Map Inspector
  • uploading private blitz replays by tagging #me in the title
  • fully unlocked Armor Inspector
  • fully unlocked Map Inspector (PC and Blitz versions)
  • both apps and heatmaps unlocked for your Blitz clan
  • uploading clan-private blitz replays by tagging #clan in the title, replays are visible only to clanmates
  • apps, heatmaps and Battle Assistant mod unlocked for your PC clan

why patreon

Supporting wotinspector with Patreon has multiple benefits.

for you

It will unlock content which will help you explore and test the mechanics and models of the game and improve your games.

for your clan

There is also a clan purchase. For a little more money, it will allow everyone with your clan tag to access all the content in the website. It will also open more tools that will be developed for the clan.

for everyone

When Patreon pledges collectively reach some level, it finances the time to develop better tools, which will give you more tools, but will also benefit players who use wotinspector without paying. These tools allow everyone to understand and play the game better.

for us

For us it creates a steady income, making sure we have time to dig and explore the hidden secrets in the game files so we can continue making and updating the tools.