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armor inspector bundle

big bundle unlocks all of armor inspector, including all future updates

  • view any tank, any wot game: PC, Blitz or Console
  • find modules
  • blitz style red pen skin + pen chances
  • HE pen chances + expected splash damage
  • estimate ram damage
  • cutaway view + detailed pen analysis
  • view HD textures

...and much more

map inspector bundle

big bundle unlocks all of map inspector both for PC and Blitz, including all future updates

  • relief, terrain for any PC and Blitz map
  • line of sight
  • distances
  • view range and camo
  • analyse replays, including obsolete versions
  • export shots to Armor Inspector
  • draw and share strategies

...and much more


Patreon is flexible solution to support this project and apps.

  • unlock all heatmaps
  • unlock Armor Inspector for $3/month
  • unlock both Armor Inspector and Map Inspector for $5/month
  • unlock all for all clan members for $15/month

...and much more