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 about heatmaps blitz

In this section we will publish heatmaps for world of tanks blitz maps and other interesting data from the replay database. These heatmaps show wot maps tactics and strategy for different tank classes as well as the common wot maps positions to make high damage, earn more xp and spot enemy tanks.

Heatmaps are made with the replays uploaded to wotinspector.Therefore they have the same bias as the database:

  • people tend to upload only their very best games, aces or high damage, in a way that is clearly not representative of the average game.
  • later we split replays into maps, game mode and spawns, and upper tiers, and we end up with a few hundred replays which is clearly not enough, especially for damage maps for example.

How can you help making better heatmaps:

  • submit more games, including normal or lost games
  • help processing the replays by pressing the 'process data' button on a replay's page, or by watching more replays in map inspector.
  • join us on discord and share your remark or questions.
  • support us by visiting shop, it might lead to better tools or better understanding for everyone else.

Thanks a lot and enjoy the heatmaps! Browse wot maps below.

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2021-Apr random battles, tier VI-X

what's new

We've updated all heatmaps and added one more type - assisted damage heatmap. Changelog:

  • assisted damage heatmaps show where you need to be to spot enemies while your teammates damage them
  • we use most recent 1000 replays for each spawn when available
  • we added Yukon, New Bay, Hellas maps

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2019-Jun random battles, tier VI-X

what's new

Here we fixed lots of issues with old heatmaps and introduced new ones:

  • we used only tier VI-X games to reduce noise from low tiers
  • we reduced a lot of overheated points in tank movements heatmaps, only tanks that stay longer than 3s on the same spot become hot
  • we made animated heatmaps for team movements and class movements
  • we added more contrast to damage map
  • we added a tracer map to show where damage originates from, and the direction of travel of the shots
  • we created an XP map to show which early route most contribute to the game; for that we show the first 3 minutes and weight each routes with the awarded XP

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2019-Feb random battles, tier I-X

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